Why upgrade your Nissan Patrol Y62 5.6L with a Cat-Back Exhaust

The Nissan Patrol Y62 has proven a revelation for 4WD enthusiasts, particularly here in Australia. Finding a 4WD with enough room for the family, enough power to get up the dunes and enough capacity to tow a nice caravan has been pretty limited to the Toyota Landcruiser for a good while.

The 5.6L V8 engine is hugely popular [albeit a little on the thirsty side for fuel] providing vehicle owners with quality, responsive power that is lacking in pretty much every turbo diesel. Within the cabin, the sound of the V8 is however hardly heard due to a quiet and restrictive factory exhaust system and also because of very good insulation properties on behalf of Nissan.

Here brings the need for you to upgrade to a Cat Back Exhaust System [preferably by Rhino ExhaustJ] From when we first began R & D on the Y62 Patrol, our design team regularly commented on the lack of tone in the factory exhaust system – it just doesn’t feel like you are driving a V8 because you cant hear it! The factory exhaust system also has a tri-flow muffler in the centre of the system and then another muffler at the rear just before the bumper, tailpipe.

The biggest difference between the factory exhaust and the Rhino cat back exhaust is the flow. Each component on the Rhino Exhaust system is a step up in size with the most being 3 Inch [76.2mm OD] In addition the muffler is a megaflow design and fully glass packed for vibration and drone absorption. The small hotdog style resonator in the rear removes some mid to high range frequencies which can cause droning.

The sound clip covering all available options from secondary cat delete pipes and the cat back to just the cat back system provider vehicle owners with the options that are best suiting to their preference. Nothing worse than buying an exhaust off the back of someone else’s opinion only to find that its not what you are looking for! 

But dont just take out word for it - check out these testimonials from recent buyers of the Rhino Exhaust Nissan Patrol Y62 5.6L Exhaust System

"Fitted really well, and love the sound" Simon, Melbourne
"Fitted pretty well, sounds awesome" Phil, Sydney