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Pipe only 3" exhaust system for Toyota Hilux 3L Diesel


$580.00 - $695.00
TOYOTA HILUX KUN SERIES 3.0L D4D 2005-JUNE 2015 3" TURBO BACK EXHAUST SYSTEM 3 inch turbo back exhaust system by Rhino Exhaust  Direct bolt on fitment to factory exhaust flanges and hanger positions Dump Pipe with EGT port  Connecting...

Bolt on Performance Exhausts to suit the popular Toyota Hilux. The team at Rhino Exhaust have developed a range of turbo back 3" full exhausts to suit the 3.0L Toyota Hilux KUN 1KD-FTV, available in a range of material and design options. The 3" DPF Back exhaust for the 2.8L Diesel N80 is the Diesel Particulate Filter, DPF equipped Hilux from 07/2015 onwards and our 2.5" Cat Back performance exhaust for the 2.7L TGN16R Petrol Hilux provides improved flow and a great exhaust note.

Installing a performance exhaust system to your Toyota Hilux shouldn't be a complex thing, so we design and build each system to factory mount positions and each system is a simple bolt on, with no cutting or welding required so you can DIY install. Check out the range of bolt on performance exhausts for the Toyota Hilux models and be sure to reach out if you have any questions