Why Upgrade to a Performance Exhaust on the Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 VDJ200 4.5L V8 Turbo Diesel 2008-2015 [Pre-DPF]

The Pre-DPF model Toyota Land Cruiser VDJ200 was a globally popular Wagon featuring the 1VD-FTV Twin Turbo Diesel V8 Engine between 2008 - 2015. The Twin Turbo Diesel V8 factory exhaust is very restrictive with high concentration of cells in the catalytic converters which reduced the exhaust flow, along with small pipework and triple flow muffler design which whilst keeps the V8 quiet - it also hampers the big twin turbo the breathe efficiently.

When Rhino Exhaust designed the performance exhaust which is a twin turbo design off the left and right hand turbos, we considered the sizing of the pipework very important to enable optimal flow for performance but also the exhaust tone. Thus we have gone with 2.5" for the twin sections - so this includes the dump pipe, the high flow catalytic converters [which treat the sooty diesel smoke and gas] and the y pipe which then goes into single 3". 

The reason we didn't go twin 3" off the turbos, is we found that you get this rush of gas which when directed into the single section of exhaust it resulted in a certain turbulence of the gas movement and actually reduced the overall gas flow. 

Some exhaust manufacturers of the LC200 offer no cat converters or no mufflers but we found this vehicle is largely a passenger Wagon used for on road use and have opted that not to offer the system with no emission equipment. 

We have a specially designed rear muffler with a unique internal design to reduce exhaust cabin drone - this in turn makes for a great V8 exhaust note without being overbearing 

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