Why install a ceramic coated Cross Over Pipe on the VDJ 79 Series Land Cruiser

The VDJ Series Land Cruiser 4.5L V8 with the Toyota 1VD-FTV engine is exceptionally popular among 4WD enthusiasts. From the outback terrain to the sandy coastline in Australia, from across the mountains of New Zealand to the famous sand dunes in the Middle East, the VDJ79 Series Ute, 78 Series Troop Carrier and the 76 Series Wagon have a legacy for performance in the toughest conditions.

So the question gets asked of us, why install a Cross Over Pipe?
The engine manifold cross over pipe is designed for exhaust gasses to pass from the driver’s side manifold to the passenger’s side manifold then flow into the turbo. The factory pipe is 1 3/8” (35mm) and has restrictions throughout, both in pipe diameter and style of bends which impact on the gas flow. The Rhino Exhaust upgraded 2” mandrel bent crossover manifold pipe available here ensures smoother and more even exhaust flow. This design allows the turbo to spool up quicker, ensures AFR's are leaner allowing for capability to tune your vehicle and stay within safe & reliable AFR's (Air/Fuel Ratio's) and the pipe gives more responsiveness, a smoother throatier note and increases turbo whistle.

The next question – why does it need to be ceramic coated?
Removing the factory cross over pipe and installing a bigger bore aftermarket one is no easy feat. There are a few hours of labour involved so we recommend if completing this performance upgrade to do so using the best product available. The engine bay temperatures when the 4.5L V8 engine is under load are very high and the ceramic coating on the pipework ensures that the cross over pipe is not adding to that heat, as the ceramic coating acts like insulation and improves heat resistance. In addition it also acts against corrosion [this is a consideration if you are touring in hostile environments such as salt water beaches or the sand dunes]

The VDJ Series Crossover Pipe by Rhino Exhaust is an excellent performance upgrade for the VDJ 79 Series Landcruiser, VDJ78 or VDJ76 Wagon and can be shipped anywhere in the world. 

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