Why a 3 Inch Rhino Exhaust for the Ford Ranger 3L PJ PK Series

The PJ PK Ford Ranger was the first of the revelation Ford Ranger Series utes or trucks as tend to refer to them nowadays. The 3.0L Turbo Diesel engine has generally been very reliable mechanically however does well with some simple modifications to improve power, torque and fuel economy. This is where Rhino Exhaust has helped play a part for many vehicle owners with its 3 Inch turbo back exhaust system.

With is many uses from farmers to tradies and from young energetic campers to semi-retired grandparents; we have had many requests over the years for different combinations of 3 Inch Exhausts so we now provide all the options including a Pipe Only system for that loud exhaust tone and ultimate turbo spooling noise to our premium stainless steel turbo back system which includes a high flow diesel catalytic converter to limit the diesel smell and emissions along with a sports muffler to ensure its not too noisy [particularly of concern for those that are towing]

We also put a lot of effort into the design; not only for performance but also for simple DIY installation. We understand that a large number of vehicle owners have the ability to do vehicle modifications themselves and don’t need to go to an exhaust shop but are happy to put the truck up on pegs on a Saturday afternoon and enjoy the challenge of fitting the exhaust [not to mention have a beer in the process] Plenty of WD-40 on the turbo flange studs/nuts and on all the hangers keep the process simple. The Rhino dump pipe design is such that we have allowed enough room to get the nuts on and done up tight without needing the latest and greatest Snap On Tool kit! From there back it’s as easy as counting from one to four with 4 additional components making up the system.

So if you don’t yet have a Rhino exhaust system on your 3L Ranger, check out what’s available and if you’re replacing your current 3 Inch system because its rusted out or upgrading from the factory exhaust, we can comfortably say that choosing a Rhino Exhaust will be a great value for money purchase! View the exhaust range for the Ford Ranger PJ PK 3.0L Turbo Diesel here