Find Out What Actually Is A Diff Dump Exhaust Kit

Exactly what does the ‘Diff Dump’ exhaust kit mean? Well typically every OEM exhaust will run over the rear axle and terminate after the rear wheels. The ‘Diff Dump’ exhaust essentially terminates at the Diff and dumps the exhaust towards the ground so the exhaust gas doesn’t blow up into the underbody of the vehicle.

These are an easy DIY bolt on product utilising the factory hangers with NO welding or cutting required. The Diff Dump Exhaust offers less restriction to improve exhaust flow and increase performance. This also improves the sound of your rugged off-roader. And don’t let that low hanging OE Tail pipe get in the way of your off-road adventures, with a Rhino Exhaust Diff Dump we can guarantee improved ground clearance, see below:


    Toyota Hilux standard exhaust   Toyota Hilux Diff Dump exhausts      

Rhino Exhaust Diff Dumps are available as a complete turbo back system [3inch] or as a muffler eliminator [mostly 2.5inch] replacement to the existing exhaust system. Rhino Exhaust has a massive range of Muffler Eliminator Diff Dump Exhausts. We have kits to suit the Toyota Hilux, Holden Colorado, Ford Ranger and the Mitsubishi Triton – with more coming soon!

Check out the range and the options available using the vehicle finder on our website to find your best options.