DPF Back Exhausts systems to suit the VDJ 79 Series Land Cruiser

At Rhino Exhaust we've developed a range of different designs of Diesel Particulate Filter [DPF] Back Exhaust Kits to suit the popular Toyota Land Cruiser VDJ79 4.5L V8. 
For the first time Toyota manufactured VDJ 79 Single Cab and the Dual Cab with the same exhaust design when it turned to the Diesel Particulate Filter equipped system 

This created a challenge for performance exhaust manufacturers as the DPF's are so restrictive and inhibit the previously straightforward upgrade to improve V8 tone. After a number of different designed systems including 3" DPF Back exhaust with twin tailpipes, 3.5" DPF Back exhaust with single tailpipe to finally culminating in our single 4" DPF Back Exhaust with single tailpipe. 

The 4" DPF Back exhaust system is a simple, straightforward upgrade without changing the OEM emission equipment which ensures that you maintain your new vehicle warranty. This is particularly important for company owned vehicles with insurance protocol etc. 

Check out the sound clip Youtube video as follows