Top sounding exhaust for the Kia Stinger GT 3.3L TT Twin Turbo

The Kia Stinger GT release was an exciting chapter in the history of Kia; offering their first global sports car to challenge the heavyweights.

The Stingers impressive sleek style, fine tuned twin turbo engine and wide following across the globe have made it an great buy for many. The one thing that is often commented on by owners is the lack of exhaust note or exhaust tone to differentiate it from an everyday Kia! 

Rhino Exhaust product development team researched not only the vehicle dynamics but also the vehicle owner demographics to get an understanding of what buyers actually wanted out of an exhaust upgrade.
We found that vehicle owners of the 3.3L Twin Turbo Kia Stinger wanted an exhaust system that would meet 3 key metrics

1. Simple bolt on assembly without modification
2. Exhaust note that would sound like a sports car without offsetting the cabin comfort [i.e no cabin drone] 
3. Exhaust upgrade that wouldn't change the rear in-built chrome tips

This feedback was really helpful to us so we could start from the ground up. So our cat back exhaust is manufactured in 2.5" stainless steel pipework, with 3 mufflers - one twin in / twin out front muffler and then left and right rear mufflers.

So essentially we bump up the pipework to enable improved exhaust flow and include megaflow mufflers into the design so there is less restriction, enabling the twin turbo'd engine maximum efficiency and performance
This also provides a fantastic exhaust note on start up, under acceleration and highway cruising - check out the video clip for more

This comes to our last point of customer feedback - designing the exhaust such that the rear factory chrome tips can remain in place - the below picture details how this is done

So check out our specific listing for the Kia Stinger GT 3,3L twin turbo HERE for more information including pricing and additional technical specs