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Rhino Exhaust's 2" Cross Over Pipe suitable for the Toyota Landcruiser VDJ76, VDJ78 and VDJ79, fitted with the 1VD-FTV 4.5 litre single turbo V8 diesel engine.
This part is the exhaust pipe which fits between the rear of the left and right exhaust manifolds

The engine manifold cross over pipe is designed for exhaust gasses to pass from the driver’s side manifold to the passenger’s side manifold then flow into the turbo. The factory pipe is 1 3/8” (35mm) and has restrictions throughout, both in pipe diameter and style of bends which impact on the gas flow. The Rhino Exhaust upgraded 2” mandrel bent crossover pipe ensures smoother and even exhaust flow. This design allows the turbo to spool up quicker, ensures AFR's are leaner allowing for capability to tune your vehicle and stay within safe & reliable AFR's (Air/Fuel Ratio's) and the pipe gives more responsiveness, a smoother throatier note and increases turbo whistle.

  • 2 Piece design enables easy installation - can be done through the engine bay without having to remove the gearbox
  • Engineered design with 2" mandrel bent pipework for optimal flow and performance
  • V-Band flanges and clamp for optimal strength connection 
  • Stainless steel material with polished finish 
  • Stainless Steel bellows for vibration isolation 
  • Mounting brackets matching OEM factory mounts 
  • 1/4" BSP Port & socket provision for those that want to install an exhaust gas temperature [EGT] probe
  • We recommend to re-use the genuine Toyota metal 3 bolt manifold gaskets on installation 

Re-Engineered to create the most cutting edge design 

We've recently re-engineered our VDJ Cross Over Pipe to create the most cutting edge design, achieving optimal performance, sound and product fitment. Our talented team of engineers create 3D models and testing the aerodynamic impacts of varying pipe layouts using flow simulation software 


The V-Band Flanges and Clamp connection adjoining the left and right pipes was used as it is a firmer, stronger clamp with uniform pressure around the flanges, ensuring a tight seal and removing gasket blowout risk that the traditional flanges have. The circular V-Band design is also more compact which is helpful for installing in the tight engine bay constraints. 

Frequently Asked Questions on this exhaust crossover pipe upgrade

Does my VDJ70 Series V8 1VD-FTV 4.5L need to be tuned if I install the Rhino Exhaust Cross Over Pipe? 
No the cross over pipe does not have any sensors that interface with the ECU and the improved flow created by installing the Rhino cross over pipe does send any signals to the ECU.

Will there be power gains from installing the Rhino Landcruiser Cross Over Pipe? 
We havn't carried out testing 'before and after' results of just the cross over pipe upgrade but when installed in conjunction with a 3" or 4" exhaust upgrade there are notable power and torque gains from the upgrade due to the improved flow through larger diametre and less restrictive mandrel bent pipework. 

Can this pipe be DIY installed? 
The two-piece design cross over pipe by Rhino Exhaust allows installation through the engine bay which is a massive time saver over having to remove the factory exhaust and gearbox [if you are installing a single piece cross over pipe] You are required to cut the old factory single piece design in order to remove through the engine bay and then install the two piece unit and V-Band clamp. Whilst it can be installed through a mechanically proficient DIY installer we do recommend that the product be installed by a professional mechanic or exhaust fitter due to the tight physical tolerances, best practice tools required and general know-how of exhaust installation. 


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